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Construction cost control in action

Maximize profitability. See how Autodesk Build can help you effectively manage costs, see cost-related risk early, and forecast more accurately.

Easy-to-use project management software
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Organize & collaborate on drawings, models and documents in the cloud
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Streamline Submittals, RFIs, Schedules & Meetings
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Create, track, and resolve issues faster
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Centralized management of all cost activities, in one place.
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Access all project information anytime, anywhere, even offline
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Cost control workflows reduce data loss and increase access to critical information.

Improve construction cost control by managing cost activities in the software used for project management and field activities, streamlining construction project workflows and connecting data.

Construction Change Order
Create a PCO from a RFI

Create a Potential Change Order directly from an RFI, reducing data entry and capturing the origin of change orders.

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Construction Meeting Minutes
Link Cost Items in Meetings

Link change orders directly to meeting items to improve the visibility and accessibility of critical construction cost information.

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Access to construction cost information
Access Cost Information

Role-based permission settings let you control how owners and suppliers view cost management items.

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Cost Management with Autodesk Build

See how Autodesk Build helps teams centralize in the cloud the management of all cost-related activities, improve visibility into the financial health of projects, and reduce cost-related risk.