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Seamlessly manage and connect RFIs.

Streamline workflows by managing construction RFIs in a single platform – reducing the risk of data loss and connecting RFIs to other tasks across the project lifecycle.

Manage RFIs in the field and office.

Seamlessly create construction RFIs on web and mobile and provide critical context for faster RFI resolution by posting to specific areas of any 2D document or 3D model, adding multiple pushpins or markups and taking photos in the field and linking them directly to RFIs.


Configure RFI workflows.

One size does not fit all. Customise your construction RFI workflow to meet your project or company needs with multi-step reviews. Designate RFI actions for individual users, roles or company including control over who can submit, create, respond to and approve RFIs.


Connect RFIs across the project lifecycle.

Streamline workflows and provide access to all critical information. Connect Issues, RFIs and Change Orders across the project lifecycle. Avoid duplicate data entry by escalating Issues to construction RFIs or by linking Issues to existing RFIs. To track the origin of the Change Orders, create a PCO from an RFI or link existing RFIs to PCOs.


Provide transparency and create accountability.

Quickly understand where the RFI is within the workflow, what the next steps are and who is accountable. View the status of construction RFIs with colour-coded indicators, identify responsible party and seamlessly progress RFIs through the process with the click of a button.


See RFIs in action.


Comprehensive field and project management software that delivers a broad, deep and connected set of tools for builders in an easy-to-adopt, highly configurable solution.