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Subcontractor Qualification

Automate risk analysis and strengthen subcontractor qualification.

Use financial and safety data to work confidently with qualified subcontractors, mitigate project risks and protect company profits.

Find subcontractors for every project.

The best fit for a job is not always about who you know or the lowest price tag. Cheap labour, subcontractor backlogs and operational risks can come at a price. That’s why mitigating risks always starts with having instant and transparent access to a growing network of partners who can deliver on your project’s demands.

A detailed contractor profile can be seen in a contractor qualification software solution during the prequalification process for an upcoming project.

Get simple and secure risk assessments.

Business information, financial stability, safety statistics, past quality and insurance data are all key in choosing who to work with. Instantly access all this information from one place.

A portion of a customisable TradeTapp prequalification questionnaire.

Analyse and predict subcontractor risks.

Once qualification information has been collected, it’s crucial to analyse that data thoroughly to see how you mitigate predictable risks. Unbiased assessments will give you a clearer view of how subcontractors compare with each other and whether they can meet the project parameters.

The risk analysis and proactive mitigation functionality of TradeTapp’s contractor qualification software.

Share useful risk data across teams.

The results of a risk analysis shouldn’t be kept in a silo. The best construction teams readily share information to empower other teams and drive confident decision-making. Sharing subcontractor risk information ensures that preconstruction teams will make smarter decisions to improve common business outcomes.

Using risk data seen in BuildingConnected to educate your tender comparison and estimating process before awarding subcontractors.

Reduce risk with connected risk management.

Give teams the tools they need to choose the best subcontractors and reduce risk for every project.

Find the Best Subcontractors

Tap into BuildingConnected’s network of builders to discover new partnerships and grow existing ones.

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AI for Risk

Quickly sift through millions of construction-related data points to analyse, identify and prioritise your risks.

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Get the powerful contractor qualification and risk mitigation platform used by the world’s best builders.

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