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Proactive quality management, from design to handover.

Gain visibility of issues and resolve them with a proactive construction quality management approach. Reduce rework and keep construction projects on track with powerful quality software.

Reduce constructability issues on-site.

Avoid costly rework by identifying constructability issues in the preconstruction phase to reduce quality issues downstream and by empowering all trade teams to detect and resolve clashes

construction design clash issue detected on construction software

Centralise document management.

Having accurate information available from any device, anywhere and at any time is essential for avoiding mistakes and staying on schedule. Organise, distribute and share files across the project lifecycle with a single, cloud-based document management platform.

project documents stored in a construction management software

Standardise construction quality control

Standardise quality inspection processes, resolve issues faster and reduce rework. Digital construction quality inspection checklists will ensure your entire team can access and conform to all quality standards using any device, anywhere, to add notes, signatures and photos, and to generate issues for non-conforming items.

quality control checklist on a construction app

Control construction project management activities

Clearly designate who is responsible for each step of RFI and submittals processes to improve communications, create accountability and make decisions efficiently. Initiate requests and manage reviews from any device. Link issues, documents and RFIs to meetings to allow fast and accountable resolution.

RFIs managed in a construction management software

Streamline commissioning and handover.

Quickly access asset data in the field, perform commissioning and resolve defects while reducing risks. Benefit from using a centralised place to track and manage the lifecycle of project assets, from design through to handover. All asset-related documentation is stored in a centralised database.

construction asset information stored in a construction management software

Connect construction workflows to improve quality control and management

Allow all project stakeholders to access data easily so that they can quickly resolve quality-control-related problems.

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Centralised Issue Management

Empower dispersed teams to track and resolve quality control issues using one centralised issue list.

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Connected RFIs

Link RFIs to other tasks to reduce the risk of data loss and to shorten response times.

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Provide Full Context

Create links between issues, RFIs, checklists and documents to provide more context and to improve decision making.

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Get started with proactive Quality Management Software.

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Frequently asked questions about construction quality control & management
How can construction management software help?

Cloud-based construction quality control software to manage your construction supplies with confidence and keep track of your inventory to efficiently plan your projects.

How can software improve productivity for the construction quality management process?

Utilising digital checklists in the field for quality inspections provides consistent, reportable data. Quality issues can be analysed by project engineers to create proactive approaches to preventing issues in the future.