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Design Collaboration

Reduce rework, improve productivity and accelerate project delivery with design collaboration.

Turn design documentation into a robust, project-based record to capture and manage design data between all project teams.

Manage the exchange of design data.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your project by tracking design processes from start to finish. Share your design data in curated packages with strict controls, easily managing how the project team consumes design data.

Architecture and Construction teams work together with design and construction collaboration software. Image of team members overlaid on schematic in construction software.

Visualise design changes.

Easily visualise and contextualise design changes by team, project phase or building level. Explore shared design data before accepting the data in order to understand how new design information will affect work-in-progress.

Schematic of buildings being designed. Visualised design changes improve design collaboration.

Catch and resolve design issues earlier.

See the impact of design changes on work-in-progress models with powerful visualisations of the aggregated project model. Reduce rework and non-recoverable costs before the model is shared with the larger team.

Schematic of design with design issues highlighted to improve design and construction.

Supercharge collaboration.

By removing the friction of managing model updates and tracking changes manually, designers can focus on what matters: collaboration, creativity and producing high-quality designs.

Construction, design and office team members connected over a schematic building image demonstrating collaboration to improve design and construction.

Connected workflows simplify the collaboration between design and construction.

From design to turnover, leverage data and insights and centralise models for real-time design collaboration.

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Document Management

Ensure that teams are always working on the most up-to-date design data in a common data environment.

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Design Authoring

Whether designing in 2D or 3D, Autodesk’s design authoring tools allow architects, designers and engineers from any discipline to bring their project to life.

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Model Coordination

Improve BIM coordination to minimise rework in the field and ensure your project comes to life.

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