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T2D2 Inspection Cloud Integration

T2D2 Inspection Cloud
T2D2's online inspection portal is a cloud software solution that stores inspection imagery all in one place. Supercharge your inspection analysis with the T2D2 AI Damage Detector to automatically find red flags that require immediate attention and monitor deterioration over time.
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T2D2 Drawing Viewer
T2D2 Orthomosaic Analysis
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The Integration

T2D2's Inspection Cloud streamlines the most critical parts of structure and infrastructure inspection: data capture and analysis, monitoring, and damage assessments.
The AI Damage Detector will transform your exterior asset and building structure inspections using highly trained technology.

The T2D2 Inspection Cloud and AI Damage Detector uses computer vision trained by hundreds of thousands of forensic images to recognize deterioration sooner and catalog exterior inspection data faster.


  • Capture, Organize, Store
  • Access to Artificial Intelligence Analysis
  • Inspection Digital Twin
  • Analyze Photos, Orthomosaics, Videos and More


Technology built byT2D2


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