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Riskcast Solutions Integration

Riskcast Solutions
Riskcast Solutions is software focused on productivity and forecasting for the construction industry. Our platform provides a way for crews to capture labor, material, equipment, and more without exhaustive data entry processes and complex spreadsheets.  
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Works with:Autodesk Build
The Integration

Synchronize Autodesk Build Cost Management Performance Tracking with Riskcast to capture labor hours and quantities installed, typically foremen and supers. 

Timecards built for construction to work the way you want, while providing the back office the information they need. 


  • Extract Autodesk Build Cost Management's Budget Cost Codes
  • Leverage Riskcast to capture hours and quantities
  • Riskcast hours and quantities push to Autodesk Build to compare estimated and actual performance


Technology built byRiskcast Solutions


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Quotation mark

"The value of Riskcast isn't just one thing, it's so many things. It's a timesaver across multiple departments. It's a live view for project managers and management into the health of their project. And it provides us the ability to review our production to bid and build better going forward."

- E-J Electric Installation Co. - CEO

"This program saves me pulling out my hair to get payroll done every week. It’s more than worth the investment"

- Bowen & Kron Enterprises - Controller

"I don’t have KPIs but can say one of the greatest values we’ve realized is working with a technology partner focused on enabling us and problem solving with us and not a vendor just after their next PO. Huge for successful implementations. Time to production 8 weeks or so for 600 employees"

- APTIM - VP Business Transformation