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PermitFlow Integration

PermitFlow is a permit management platform designed to cut approval time in half—with none of the headaches. PermitFlow's software offers nationwide coverage in every municipality you build in, simplifying permitting processes end-to-end for contractors, developers, and other construction leaders.
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The Integration

PermitFlow's integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud streamlines the burdensome process of securing building permits.

PermitFlow is the first construction permit application and management platform for builders and owners. We support permitting end-to-end including permit research, application preparation, submission, and monitoring.


  • Embed PermitFlow directly into Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • Streamline the burdensome process of securing building permits
  • Submit, track, and pull permits in PermitFlow directly within Autodesk Construction Cloud


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It used to take 2-3 months to get a permit. PermitFlow cut that in half, plus their website handles all the permitting paperwork.

- Project Manager, General Contractor

My expediter went on vacation, leaving me empty-handed on a time-sensitive project. PermitFlow kept that project on track, and it’s reliable and easy-to-use.

- Project Manager, Real Estate Developer