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NTI's extensive experience along with some of the best experts makes us a strong partner across a large part of Europe within the areas of mechanical design, architecture, construction, engineering and facility management.
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The Integration

The software consists of a web application that is accessible through a PC browser and an add-in for Revit. The add-in can be download from the web application and installed on a local machine. The add-in offer support for each installed version of Revit.

Makes data available to everyone by synchronizing Revit models to the NTI CONNECT cloud platform, edit the data, and write changes back to the Revit model. Further standardize company content and link families to specification documents.


  • Improve and ensure the quality of construction projects by collecting data from one hub
  • Setup company standards to achieve a consistent approach to the use of families in Revit
  • Use the building part browser in Revit to select building parts from the company standard
  • Share custom Revit families on projects and reduce the amount of repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • Achieve a more efficient and convenient classification of building parts from the web platform
  • Highlight and isolate selected building parts in model viewer
  • Manage keynotes in Revit from the web platform
  • Manage building part identification from the web platform
  • Collaborate on writing construction project specifications with the online text editor


Technology built byNTI Group


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As Revit users, it is an advantage that we can easily find a building part and generally get an overview of our building parts in the 3D building model. This is possible with the Building Part Browser, which is easy to use directly in Revit in the modelling work.

- Marianne Friis - Arkitema

With NTI CONNECT, we open up the BIM models and provide access to the data that is in them. Because NTI CONNECT is a cloud-based product, anyone can access models, drawings, and the data associated with it. It is a new paradigm in which BIM models have a more central role on the projects.

- Michael Porskær - NTI