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4,000+ contractors trust myComply with compliance-related data management. Gather more insight from your job site with myComply!
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The Integration

1. Access and add the myComply app with your Account Admin account.
2. Log into myComply using your Autodesk credentials.
3. Import BIM 360 projects, companies, and members into myComply within minutes. 
4. Set company and worker level requirements for all companies on your projects.

Ensure that 100% of workers on your site have adequate, up-to-date training. Lower EMR, incident rates, and insurance costs with a highly trained workforce! Start today.


  • 'Companies' features training and compliance management at an organization level.
  • 'Projects' features safety and compliance verification of sub-trades on projects.
  • Add-ons include Access Control


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“Our team needed real-time data to present to regulatory agencies that come to the construction site. myComply makes tasks that would take hours and involve multiple people, really simple with only one person and a smartphone [or computer]. Having a worker’s information and certifications for emergency purposes at your fingertips is just a bonus.”

- Chris Huck (Monadnock Construction)

“We’re only as good as the information we have. With myComply, we can gather more [data], which helps us create a better picture of how our jobs are operating. This in turn allows us to make well-informed decisions and perform more efficiently.”

- Nathan Slavin (Bozzuto Construction)

“I was working with spreadsheets or other software that wasn’t exactly accomplishing what I needed in terms of expiration alerts and detailed certification tracking. I was trying to come up with a better way to manage employee training information and documentation, than the processes that had previously been in place for the past 96 years… and then I found myComply.”

- Mary Begnoche (Alterman Electric)