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JP Global Digital Interactive Viewer Integration

JP Global Digital Interactive Viewer
JP Global Digital is a SaaS company that visualizes and manages digital twins to connect companies to their projects/assets remotely and smartly.  
We count on a team of experts on digitalization with the latest technology for companies that are yet to transition into industry 4.0.
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The Integration

JP Global Digital, a leading digitalization company, has developed an application, JP Interactive Viewer, that fosters collaboration and communication around reality capture data and BIM.

JP Interactive Viewer (JPIV) is a collaborative, cloud-based app for project and asset management.


  • embed the JP Interactive Viewer (JPIV) directly in Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • Real-time collaboration and communication between teams
  • Easier management and visualization of all construction project information
  • Instant access to reality capture information anytime, anywhere.


Technology built byJP Global Digital


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