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Hiboo Integration

Hiboo is a SaaS application that centralises in one tool all your equipment data.
Our mission is to improve the productivity and energy efficiency of all moving industrial equipment thanks to a technology that syndicates data from multiple sources.
Integration forBuild
Hiboo video (english)
The Integration

Hiboo collects over 60 categories of data from all kinds of construction equipment including CAT, John Deere, Komatsu and Hitachi, and turns data into meaningful information in an all-in-one tool.

Project stakeholders can visualize their heavy equipment data such as idle time, production time, and distance traveled by adding Hiboo directly into their Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards.


  • Manage and optimise equipment maintenance, billing, usage, productivity and environment impact
  • Embed equipment productivity metrics in Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards
  • Collect over 60 different kinds of construction equipment data


Technology built byHIBOO SYSTEM SAS


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