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CxPlanner is a commissioning management platform with industry leading commissioning tools and processes for construction projects, data centers, oil & gas platforms and mechanical manufacturers.
Get started with a new project in only 3 clicks and automate your commissioning processes.
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Specialized for mobile devices online and offline
Specialized for mobile devices online and offline
Asset and system structure automated with reports
Simple checklist for testing a valve
The Integration

CxPlanner is a commissioning management platform. Streamline your commissioning process with our industry-leading commissioning software developed by commissioning professionals.
Used for construction, data centers, oil & gas platforms, mechanical manufacturers and more.

Commissioning management platform. Refreshingly simple Commissioning and Quality Assurance Platform for modern building professionals.


  • Manage commissioning processes
  • Testing and checklists with efficient commissioning tools
  • Industry leading tools to streamline and optimize your commissioning process.


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CxPlanner is the perfect commissioning tool for testing technically complex systems and for generating the necessary related documentation.

- Rasmus Bjerregaard, CH System

The file management part makes it suddenly easy and traceable to see if our contractors have followed up on drawings and acquired the latest knowledge, that is as essential when building dynamically as many construction sites do today.

- Christian Beck, ATcon

Digital tools need to be easy - and that's CxPlanner. We run a lot of projects, so the price of a digital platform is important, and this is where CxPlanner hits the spot.

- Frederik Nygaard, Nygaard