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binni Concrete
Binni is a cloud-based software platform that simplifies the planning, tracking, and reporting of concrete placements. By digitizing the process and providing a single platform for construction teams to collaborate, users increase productivity and reduce errors.
Integration forBIM 360
Project Dashboard
Project Dashboard
Concrete Pour Dashboard
Mass Concrete Sensor Visualization
The Integration

With binni, construction teams are able to easily manage the full lifecycle of a concrete placement using a single platform.  Binni has developed integrations with other tools used by contractors allowing concrete pour data to be consumed in a consistent manner across multiple projects.

Binni Concrete is a collaborative platform that simplifies the planning, tracking, and reporting of concrete placements.  Binni facilitates the capture and utilization of data from concrete pours allowing for real-time insights and analysis. 


  • View pour information in the BIM 360 partner card
  • Manage concrete pour information alongside the context of other project data
  • Access and interact with projects and pours on the binni platform through the partner card


Technology built bybinni, Inc.


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