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BIM Holoview Issue Tracking Integration

BIM Holoview Issue Tracking
BIM Holoview provides XR applications for visualizing 3D BIM models on either the Oculus Quest or Microsoft HoloLens. We help customers improve understanding of their construction project, improve quality and reduce rework.
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The Integration

In order to use BIM Holoview customers will need to purchase HoloLens and Oculus Quest 2 devices from the following online stores:
Microsoft HoloLens
Oculus Quest 2

BIM Holoview is an extended reality application for HoloLens and Oculus Quest 2. BIM Holoview Issue Tracking component allows any issues identified in the 3D model or the build to be raised directly in Autodesk® BIM 360®.


  • Issues can be raised on HoloLens and Oculus Quest and they appear in BIM 360 automatically
  • Photos of the issue can be taken in HoloLens and Oculus Quest and these will be appended
  • Positional information is recorded so that users can see what item or area the issue relates to
  • Issues appear real time across different devices viewing the same model.


Technology built byBIM Holoview Limited


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The ability to raise BIM 360 issues directly in HoloLens and Oculus Quest 2 is a significant step in achieving our vision of making XR fully integrated in construction processes.

- Peter Neil

Leveraging virtual reality solutions for model collaboration can help building teams stay aligned and save time to kick building projects off on the right foot. By connecting BIM Holoview and BIM 360, teams can not only stay aligned on Issues, but streamline their workflows and communications to drive timely resolutions and keep projects on track

- James Cook

- Peter Neil