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AnchoRock Safety Software Integration

AnchoRock Safety Software
AnchoRock Solutions, Inc. develops software for the hardhat industries. Our core solution, AnchoRock Safety, is used by general and sub contractors across the country to better manage day to day safety processes. 
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The Integration

With the integration, teams can access AnchoRock’s safety and compliance management software right from within their Autodesk Build or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards for a single, comprehensive overview of project performance.

Comprehensive safety & compliance management from any device. Manage your entire day-to-day safety program from one location. Complete every field safety requirement and maintain OSHA compliance without ever skipping a beat.


  • Access AnchoRock web app right from the Autodesk Build or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards
  • Provides more transparency and collaboration capabilities to bolster project safety and compliance
  • Easier access to AnchoRock workflows


Technology built byAnchoRock Safety


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Designed data collection is the cutting edge in safety management and performance. This data is critical in providing the most proactive responses to reduce injury severity and probability. Anchorock and their team allow our safety professionals to identify and document occurrences effectively and efficiently with their customizable platform.

- Zach Ramos, Director of Safety

AnchoRock had the all-in-one system we were looking for. Everything is at your fingertips just a click away in one platform. The ease of use makes it easy to train front line workers. For supervision and workers to have in their hands at all times, with the accessibility to details of their daily tasks, and documentation needed.

- Keith Oxford, Safety Director

As soon as an incident happens, our HR, operations, supes, and safety team are instantly notified. Features like that have made the safety program a lot stronger and a lot more accessible. AnchoRock has been a great team to work with and a great product that I would absolutely recommend.  

- Casi Lozano, Senior VP