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Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Power of Integration

Now more than ever, connection is crucial for saving time and money in construction.

Tech growth in construction shows no signs of slowing down! But standalone applications create data silos and disjointed workflows. FMI reported, 52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication.

Companies that integrate their solutions have a significant advantage over those that don’t. By enabling the free flow of data between systems, teams can enhance processes, automate workflows, improve communication, and generate valuable insights.

Join this 3-part webinar series to hear three unique integration success stories and learn:

  • How to automate the creation of data pipelines with no code knowledge required
  • How ACC Connect reduces manual intervention and streamlines processes
  • The impact of integrating accounting and operations systems

Gamuda Automates Data Movement Across Projects in Near Real-Time with Toric

February 28 2024, 5:30pm UTC

Do you find it challenging to unlock the potential of your data? Have your attempts at creating custom data pipelines fallen short of achieving success? Join this webinar to learn how Gamuda, a prominent engineering, property, and infrastructure company utilized Toric to unlock scalable and cost-effective data piping from Autodesk, Oracle Primavera, and SAP into Google BigQuery for downstream reporting and analytics in PowerBI. John Lim Ji Xiong from Gamuda will share the exact challenges they were faced with, and how Toric played a pivotal role in overcoming those obstacles.

Key learnings:
  • How Gamuda automated data movement across projects

  • How Gamuda reduced its cost per data pipeline by 80% with Toric

  • Learn more about Toric’s unique capabilities


Leong Wei Yi

Senior Software Engineer, Excellence Transformation, Gamuda

Thiago da Costa

CEO, Toric

Joe Fields

Business Intelligence and Reporting Manager, Autodesk

Simplify Your Life with ACC Connect and Workflow Automation

February 29 2024, 5:00pm UTC

Tired of endless paperwork and repetitive tasks? Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect can streamline your data processes. With ACC Connect, you can wave goodbye to the frustration of misplaced documents and lost time by setting up custom connections that suit your business needs. And the best part? Automated workflows enabled by ACC Connect allow you to sit back and relax while the automation saves you time and minimizes errors! With an end-to-end system, you can be confident that every step of the process is completed on schedule.

Key insights you’ll gain:
  • How ACC Connect reduces manual intervention and streamlines processes
  • How to automatically send contracts or change orders from Autodesk Build for signing via e-signature tools such as DocuSign to drive consistency and save time
  • How to use ACC Connect to integrate files and create custom workflows between cloud storage tools such as SharePoint and Autodesk Construction Cloud

Teek Chaudhary

Integration Solutions Engineer, Autodesk

Jeremy Wallin

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Manager, Autodesk

Transforming Workflows: Brinkman Construction Connects Accounting & Operations with Agave

February 29 2024, 7:30pm UTC

It’s time to meet the needs of each stakeholder and unite the office and the field through integration! The advantages to connecting accounting and operations systems are clear: error reduction, time savings, improved decision-making, and better cost control. But how do you choose the right software? And what does the path to integration look like?

Join industry experts Tim Kelleher from Brinkman Construction, Samantha Zhang from Agave, and Josh Cheney from Autodesk as they share Brinkman’s success story of transforming project and cost management workflows by integrating Autodesk Build with CMiC financials.

Key learnings:
  • Uncover the tangible benefits of integrating accounting and operations systems
  • See the Autodesk Build < Agave > CMiC financials integration in action.
  • Gain insights into best practices to get integration ready

Tim Kelleher

Operational Standards & Innovation Manager, Brinkman Construction

Samantha Zhang

Co-founder, Agave

Josh Cheney

Director of ERP & Financial Partnerships, Autodesk

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