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Construction AI Trends: How Intelligence is Transforming the Industry

Hot takes, sneak peaks, and answers to your big questions around AI

Join us for a thought provoking 3-part webinar series around AI in the construction industry. During this series we will dive into how AI is already helping construction teams, real life examples of AI in action, and hear from other players in the AEC space and how they are thinking about AI today and tomorrow.

  • Hear from thought leaders on AI trends and what the future could bring.
  • Learn how Autodesk AI is in action now and how to start saving time with automations and supercharged analytics.
  • Get insights of how integration partners are leveraging AI and how we can address some of the key concerns AI might bring.

Construction Innovation: Harnessing AI for Future Success

March 26 2024, 4:30pm UTC

Join Pat Keaney, Director of Product Management for Intelligence and Eveart Foster, Subject Matter Expert at Autodesk, to discuss how AI is altering the construction industry today and what the future might bring.

  • Gain an understanding of the state of the industry and why it is ready for AI to bring change
  • Learn what AI capabilities are already in development across the project lifecycle
  • Get visibility into how data teams are thinking about the future of AI and how you can ensure you are getting the most value as new technology arises

Pat Keaney

Director of Product Management for Intelligence, Autodesk

Eveart Foster

Integrations Subject Matter Expert, Autodesk

AI in Action: How to Save Time & Improve Your Decision Making

March 27 2024, 4:30pm UTC

Wondering what all the AI buzz is about? Join us for an engaging webinar where we will explore the capabilities of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and how it harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance construction teams’ day-to-day efficiency and decision-making processes.

Key highlights:
  • Discover how Autodesk Construction Cloud’s in-product AI features can optimize your processes and save valuable time
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Autodesk AI is already making a tangible impact across various workflows throughout the construction lifecycle
  • Through real-life demos, we will showcase some of the most popular Autodesk AI features, providing you with practical insights and inspiration for your own projects
  • Get an exclusive sneak peek into the world of Autodesk AI for Construction from our product development team who will share their vision for the future of AI in ACC

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how Autodesk Construction Cloud and AI can transform your construction projects, saving you time and enhancing your decision-making capabilities.


Manu Venugopal

Senior Manager, Product Management, Autodesk

Beatriz Guerra

Product Manager of Intelligence, Autodesk

Jadie Fanganello

Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Real-World Examples of Construction AI Across Workflows

March 28 2024, 4:30pm UTC

Software players like EarthCam, Toric & Matterport share their experience & insights on how they use AI. Join these industry experts as they showcase real-life examples of how they are already using AI and how it can inspire uses for your business.

Key highlights:
  • Watch demos of how integration partners are putting AI to use today
  • Gain visibility of the pulse of AI across different types of products for different use cases from data and analytics to job site cameras
  • Answer your big questions and concerns about AI’s use in your workflows

Preethy Vaidyanathan

VP of Product, Matterport

David Iglesias

Product Manager, EarthCam

Thiago Da Costa

CEO, Toric

Jeremy Wallin

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Manager, Autodesk

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