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Introducing our new data storage region: Australia

We are pleased to announce that the anticipated regional data storage option in Sydney, Australia is now ready and waiting for your new projects.

Benefits of making the switch

Improve asset performance and management
Greater choice

Australia is now one of three locations customers can choose to store their data, deciding what is best for their company and projects.

Reduced latency

Local users can now experience reduced latency, enhancing their overall user experience. 

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Enhanced collaboration

In region downloads and uploads ensure collaboration is quick and efficient for users.

Quotation mark

"Hosting Autodesk Construction Cloud in Australia supports our strong focus on data. Secure and effective management of data is a priority for every client we work with and where that data is stored is critical. This can impact how we enable a collaborative and interconnected common data environment for Australian-based projects. Establishing Australia as a data storage region gives us the option of a local native solution for the Autodesk product stack users in our project delivery."

- Steven Bloomer, Regional BIM & Information Management Lead at GHD
Which products will be supported through the regional data storage location in Australia?

The following solutions within the Autodesk Construction Cloud Platform will offer customers the option to primarily store their Covered Content in Australia:

  • Autodesk Build
  • Autodesk BIM Collaborate
  • Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro
  • Autodesk Docs
  • Autodesk Takeoff
What Content constitutes “Covered Content”?

“Covered Content” (also commonly referred to as “project data”) is a subset of “Your Content” as defined in the Autodesk Terms of Use. Specifically, “Covered Content” means, collectively:

  1. Any files, designs, models, data sets, images, documents, or similar material submitted or uploaded to the Service by customers and their authorised users; and
  2. The specific output generated from the Service, if any, based on customers’ own raw data or information. Covered Content includes the associated metadata of the project file that is not binary or in the design object itself, for example, author name and email, time stamp and activity stream.
Where will Covered Content be backed-up?

If customers select to primarily store their Covered Content in the Australia Region, it will also be backed up in the Australia Region.

Can customers access their Covered Content from outside the Australia Region?

Yes, a current customer, and any authorised users and collaborators in their account can access the Covered Content from anywhere in the world. As long as their authorised users and collaborators have been invited and have valid credentials (username and password), they can access Covered Content from anywhere.

More questions?

Please visit our dedicated FAQs here.

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