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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Autodesk Construction Cloud.


What is Autodesk Construction Cloud?

Autodesk Construction Cloud combines advanced technology, the industry’s largest builders’ network and predictive insights to connect people and data across the building lifecycle, from design through to operations.

At the centre of Autodesk Construction Cloud’s unified platform are powerful, simple and purpose-built collaboration solutions including Autodesk Build, Autodesk Takeoff and Autodesk BIM Collaborate, and Autodesk Docs, ensuring general contractors, speciality contractors, owners and designers can work efficiently together within a common data environment.

Autodesk Construction Cloud empowers construction teams to connect workflows across every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximise efficiency and increase profits.

BIM 360 Build & PlanGrid Customers

Will Autodesk Build have the same functionality as BIM 360 Build or PlanGrid?

Autodesk Build will provide more value to customers than existing solutions, and will support workflows across the office and job site for the build phase of construction.

Is Autodesk Build a rebuild of BIM 360 Build or PlanGrid?

Autodesk Build is built on a common web and mobile framework and shared data foundation, forming the unified platform. Capabilities from both BIM 360 Build and PlanGrid, along with new features, were plugged into the platform, leveraging existing strengths. As a result, many of the capabilities you are familiar with in both products will be available in Autodesk Build.

With the introduction of Autodesk Build, will Autodesk stop the investment into BIM 360 Build or PlanGrid?

No. Autodesk will continue to invest in those products.

How long will I be able to continue to use BIM 360 Build or PlanGrid for?

There are no plans to shut down PlanGrid or BIM 360 Build, and we will provide customers with the access and support they need for their projects.

Packaging & Pricing Details

How is Autodesk Build priced?

To learn more about pricing, visit our pricing page here.

Some Autodesk Build subscriptions are available in tiers, based on sheet count. What counts as a sheet?

Your sheet count is the total number of sheets that you have access to in the Sheets area across all projects that you are a member of. You are free to add and delete sheets as much as you want and as long as you stay below the maximum number of sheets allowed by your plan. All plan sheets, including revisions, count towards the sheet limit. Documents and files hosted in the Files area do not count against your sheet limit.

Trials & Project Invites

Will there be trials available for Autodesk Build?

To start a trial for Autodesk Build, click here.

Can a user be invited to participate in a project on a trial subscription?

Yes. Both trial users and paid subscribers can invite a new user to participate in their project. Invited users will have access to the project they were invited to.

What happens to the user when the trial period ends?

At the completion of the trial period, the user will be prompted to subscribe to the products they are using. If the user does not subscribe, they will lose access to their projects.

International Support

Will I be able to choose the location of the data centre to host my project data?

Currently, a US data centre and a European data centre are available. We will add support for additional data centres over time.

What languages is Autodesk Build available in?

Currently, Autodesk Build is available in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Dutch and German. Additional language support will be added over time.

What areas of the product are localised?

Text, date formatting, currency and numbers are localised.

Autodesk software licences and/or cloud-based services are subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms and conditions of the licence agreement or terms of service, as applicable, that accompany such software or cloud-based services.