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Leveraging the Power of Live Indoor Maps for Facilities Management

Learn how to utilize the BIM 360 Ops Indoor Map feature to find the precise location of any ticket or asset by following a guided path on the indoor map + more!

If you’re responsible for the maintenance of a building, no matter how knowledgeable and organized you are, you’re probably spending more time reacting to unplanned events rather than working proactively to minimize them.

You’re also more likely to find yourself having to make decisions without the benefit of having the information you need to confidently make the right call. It’s not that the information doesn’t exist; it’s just that you don’t have a way to simply access the right information when you need it.

Autodesk’s BIM 360 Ops solves these problems by giving customers live, indoor maps that capture the precise geo-spatial location of every asset in the building, whether that asset is bolted to a wall frame or on wheels and completely untethered to any structure.


Mark Mergenschroer