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Collaborative Project Delivery Lowers Risk and Fuels Gains for Chandos

Chandos Construction manages hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects. Traditionally focused on project delivery methods, including design-build and construction management, Chandos knew there was a better, leaner way forward to create outcome certainty and deliver exceptional value to their clients. By adopting Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and standardizing on Autodesk Construction Cloud™, Chandos connected multidisciplinary teams across the project lifecycle to complete projects under budget and ahead of schedule, winning more business.

Data Standardization Enables Lean Delivery

Chandos’ primary motivation for choosing IPD was their frustration with past projects using traditional delivery methods. By choosing IPD, coupled with the use of Assemble, BuildingConnected, and BIM 360 within Autodesk Construction Cloud, they could mitigate risk and drive greater success across their account portfolio.

Chandos selected Autodesk Construction Cloud as its ecosystem because of its robust capabilities that:

  • Streamline bid management to better track, manage, and communicate around bids
  • Increase collaboration, drive efficiency, and reduce risk with a single source of truth
  • Create transparency around design and constructability reviews
  • Synthesize data to increase safety and quality on the jobsite

“IPD changes relationships for the better by creating more collaboration and communication between stakeholders. This creates alignment from the project’s onset, reducing risk, and maximizing value by identifying potential problems earlier in the construction process.”

–Vincent Plourd, VDC Manager

Bid Management Is Better with Cloud-based Construction Data

With IPD projects involving highly integrated teams, it brings another problem: spreading subcontractors too thin. To track the involvement of their subcontractors on projects and elicit more bids, Chandos uses BuildingConnected. By consolidating their subcontractors into one bid management system, it’s easier for estimators to track, manage, and communicate around bids. This process allows Chandos to win more work and execute with more certainty on projects.

“With BuildingConnected, we’re able to gain visibility into which subcontractors are working on what project, how they’re performing, and where we’re getting bids from. This helps decrease project risk as we can see how many projects subcontractors are working on without breaking them in the sense that they don’t have the capacity to perform the work.”

–Vincent Plourd, VDC Manager

A Single Source of Truth for Up-to-Date Model Information

On IPD projects, the estimating team has to estimate and budget weekly. To track how they are trending towards scope, Chandos leverages Assemble to estimate, quantify, and condition the BIM model, adding information against the model in real-time. With Assemble, model information is synced in one location, enabling Chandos to see how they are iterating against the budget for target value delivery in real-time. This methodology creates more transparency between account teams and develops a deeper level of trust with the owner.

In addition to greater transparency and collaboration across project teams, Chandos can aggregate project information in real-time. This allows them to easily visualize how the project is progressing with the owner, improving their relationship.

With 3D modeling views in Assemble, we can condition model data and analyze how we are trending toward budget as we progress in design. This has translated to a more accurate project scope and increased collaboration across project stakeholders.”

– Hunter Etherington, BIM Coordinator

Construction Data Standardization Increases Safety and Quality

To increase safety and quality onsite, Chandos uses BIM 360 as a common data environment to manage, track, and analyze project data. By reporting safety incidents, site issues, and non-conformance reports in a centralized location, project stakeholders have increased visibility as data is tracked in real-time.

With the ease and simplicity of reporting in BIM 360, teams can use their smartphone or tablet to take pictures, tag, report, and publish an issue. Using this easier way to track and input issues, nothing gets overlooked, and teams report more issues observed onsite. The new way of working has also reduced reporting time by 30%.

A standardized method of reporting has also allowed Chandos to identify the most repetitive root causes of an issue and modify behavior to increase profitability and reduce risk on future projects.

Collaborative Project Delivery Drives Continual Innovation and Success

By championing collaborative construction, underpinned by Autodesk Construction Cloud, Chandos can ensure safety, quality, cost, and schedule. This innovation-first approach to integrating technology into its business helps Chandos win more business and gain more trust with clients.

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