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Assemblin Adopts Autodesk Construction Cloud on Complex Hospital Project for Greater Transparency

Assemblin, an end-to-end installation and service partner, designs, installs, and maintains technical systems across the Nordic region. Tasked with a large-scale modernisation project, Assemblin was in the market for a connected solution that increased visibility into critical project data on one platform, eliminating redundancy and making information easier to find and access, reducing project risk across stakeholders.

Taking a Unique Approach to a Complex and Connected Project

In Malmö, Sweden, Region Skåne (county council) is modernising a large hospital area to create a better care and work environment. One part of the development is the new healthcare building with Skanska as the main contractor. Contracted by Skanska and Region Skåne, Assemblin will consult on the ventilation system’s planning and design and then produce, deliver, and install the equipment.

The building consists of two towers — 10 and 11 stories high — interconnected with culverts and connecting corridors. The building will add more than 100,000 square meters of new space dedicated to 10 wards with 244 single-patient rooms, 23 operating rooms, receptions, arrival ward for planned surgery, intensive care ward with separate places for children, and public environments with pharmacies kiosks, and cafés.

It’s a large and complex project, which is why Assemblin selected Assemble and BIM 360 within Autodesk Construction Cloud™ to provide better visibility into critical project data on one platform, eliminating redundancy and making information easier to find and access.

“The installations are very tight, and you have to be in the same place with everyone else — including electricians, heating, and ventilation. “With Assemble and BIM 360, we can visualise the project with ease. This helps reduce the risk of rework and minimise confusion. We love that the information is tightly integrated, connected, and laid out very specifically.”

– Sophie Olsson, BIM Coordinator

Utilising BIM to Increase Communication and Improve Visualisation, Quantification, and Asset Coding

With Assemble, Assemblin can create unique views based on each stakeholder’s specific needs. The team could also enrich the model by adding highly customisable Assemble properties to model objects. This allowed the right people to access the necessary information much more efficiently, enabling them to view the project with a level of detail they didn’t previously have.

Assemble provides a more efficient and faster way to track the installation status. We can have a holistic view of the project in a matter of minutes, where before, we had to go out to the field and manually highlight and mark up the drawing and then go back to the office.”

– Carlos Heredia Fuentes, Project Engineer

With a common data environment in BIM 360, communication is streamlined between stakeholders, and there is a single source of truth for models. This benefits the project in the following areas:

  • Quality. Having the ability to better communicate with each other and view model properties in more detail enables project stakeholders to work efficiently and produce higher-quality output.
  • Cost. The improved project processes lead to time savings, better collaboration, and more accurate data, helping Assemblin get more done with less.
  • Schedule. BIM 360 paves the way for more transparency, allowing stakeholders to check on the project status and take action quickly — which is a must, given the project’s tight schedule.

Standardising Data to Better to Drive Efficiencies and Forecast Cost

Assemble and BIM 360 help Assemblin be more efficient and profitable — and not just in this single project. According to Olsson, the new healthcare building project in Malmo serves as an excellent model that they can use for future projects.

Looking to the future, the standards and processes that Assemblin developed will benefit and streamline the company’s initiatives.

For us, this project is an excellent base, and there are processes that we will incorporate into other projects and offices. In the future, our prognosis will be much better, and forecasts will be much more accurate.”

– Fredrik Engdahl, Head of Business Development
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